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White Roof Insulation

White Roof insulation replaces traditional bituminous coating and moisture insulation

What is White Roof insulation

What is White Roof insulation?

White Roof Insulation or Moisture White Insulation is a type of water based waterproof coating made of environmentally friendly polymer and elastomeric materials.

White Roof insulation is applicable to all surfaces including metal, cement, mosaic, bituminous, cracked asphalt, wood etc., and is completely sealed after drying. White insulation with the ability to create seamless, uniform, high-adhesion coatings completely isolates and seals vertical and horizontal surfaces.

White insulation is used for roof waterproofing, roof garden construction (green roof), swimming pool insulation, bathroom insulation, water and sewage insulation and etc.

Comparison of bituminous coating and White roof insulation

White roof insulation, is the best replacement for traditional bituminous coating and various types of traditional moisture insulation for roof and bathroom insulation

The traditional method of sealing roof and bathroom is the use of bituminous coating. Issues such as low shelf life, short life span, and lack of flexibility and low resistance against weather conditions, sunlight and temperature changes, high maintenance and repair costs and other technical, operating and environmental problems of the bituminous coating have caused them to be replaced with alternative materials for sealing. This new material (method) is called white insulation, but they are also called white roof if used as a roofing insulator. White insulation or white roofing is a type of fully waterproof coating made of polymer and acrylic materials. The solvent of this product is water and is completely environmentally friendly. More information on White Roofing from Wikipedia.

Benefits of White Roof insulation

White insulation is the best option for insulation and sealing of the roof, roof covering, roof garden, bathroom, pool ...


White insulation is flexible after drying and does not crack due to expansion, shrinkage, or structural subsidence.

Reasonable Price

The price of White Roof insulation is lower than similar materials and also has lower installation, repair and maintenance costs.

Quick Installation

White Roof insulation is easy to install. It dries quickly and it is not required to replace roof components.

Eco Friendly

It is water-based and hygienic and by reflecting the sunlight, it reduces structural heat and the temperature in urban heat island.

Easy to Use

White insulation is easily applied with a brush, pistol or roller and does not require moving, cutting and changing roof components.

High Adhesion

Has high adhesion to vertical and horizontal surfaces such as metal, cement, mosaic, bitumen, asphalt, wood and more.

Resistant to Weather Conditions

White insulation is highly resistant to snow, rain and temperature change and does not lose its quality and integrity.

UV Resistant

The color and quality of white insulation is maintained for a long time. It has a long life span and is resistant to the suns UV rays.

Moisture Insulation

It completely insulates moisture and does not allow water to penetrate below the surface. It is the best option for sealing and insulation.

Hygienic and Safe

White insulation is environmentally friendly, hygienic and non-toxic. It does not harm the environment and does not cause water pollution.

Longer Life Span

The properties and the resistance of the white insulation have caused it to have a much longer shelf life compared to other similar materials.

Reducing Energy Consumption

White roofs with a 40% reflection of sunlight, reduce the general building temperature and the temperature in urban heat island.

How to Apply White Roof Insulation:

  1. First the surface is washed, cleaned, dried, then it is ready for white insulation.
  2. White insulation is applied to the surface using a brush, a roller or a spray gun.
  3. Immediately a mesh is drawn on the surface. The use of mesh will increase the life span, efficiency and elasticity of white insulation.
  4. After the mesh is installed, the second layer of insulation is applied to the mesh to increase adhesion.
  5. After the second layer is dried, which takes about 24 to 48 hours (depending on temperature and weather conditions), the final layer is applied like the previous layers.
Installation Steps of White Roof Insulation
White Roof Insulation Specifications

Specifications of White Roof Insulation

  • Appearance: Liquid mainly white and blue.
  • White insulation drying time: 24 to 48 hours depending on weather conditions.
  • Shelf life: One year (away from sunlight and frost).
  • Usage: One kilo per square meter.
  • Application of white insulation: roof sealing, bathroom and toilet, bitumen coating and asphalt repair, garden and pool insulation, roof coating, wall and building facades, sealing water tanks ...
  • Price of White Roof Insulation: -